Sunday, September 7, 2008

Little BIG Folders, A Knitted Os X Folder Replacement, 22 icons.

Little BIG Folders, Yes Its a Completion of my concept Knitted folder idea i had wayback. I got alot of response from the community at macthemes to complete the folder set. As i worked on the folder i couldn't help associating it with Little BIG Planet™. An upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 game. The design direction in the game is handmade playful design. And that's exact the same style i was going for. After making a "Sac boy" as the user folder symbol. It was extremely clear to me that this was a Little BIG Planet™ Folder set. This is my tribute to the folks over at Media Molecule. An "unofficial" folder replacement for all the fans of Little BIG Planet™.

And the funny thing is i don't even own a PS3. I will miss out on this game, but not on the inspiration.

Desktop Preview

Download iContainer or Zip.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love knitting, Icon Preview

I love knitting, well not really but it is the name of my new concept for a folder style. well i don't know if il continue working on this one.. my time is limited as always.